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Facial Services

Each facial is completely customized to you and your specific skin care needs. You get to custom choose your own aromatherapy, lighting and sound options for optimal relaxation! 

Please note: A consultation, and intake form are required for all facial services.  Services may not be performed if contraindications are present.

Wellness Express Facial- $60

(30 mins)

A quick and rejuvenating service to hydrate and plump the skin. This service also includes a hand and arm massage! This is a perfect service before a big event or if you need a quick pick me up! 

Wellness Calm + Soothing Facial- $75

(45 mins)

It's all in the name! This treatment is designed to soothe, calm + cool the skin's tissues resulting in decreased inflammation, redness reduction, and strengthened barrier. This service is perfect for those with sensitive skin! 

Facial Add-Ons- $15


BT Micro (Ultrasonic) Infusion

Gua Sha Massage

LED Therapy

Wellness Signature Facial- $75 (45 mins)

An invigorating service to awaken the senses! After receiving this facial, you'll quickly realize why it's my signature service. This facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage, mask and a hand and arm massage and products for your specific skin type! 

Wellness Luxury Facial- $100 (60 mins)

An amazing treatment that will put you into a state of pure bliss!

Includes the signature facial with LED treatment and an additional neck, shoulder and scalp massage. 

Advanced Facial Treatments

If you're looking to address certain conditions such as hyperpigmentation, aging and breakouts, these may be the right services for you!  

For  best results, a series of 4-6 sessions, scheduled 2-4 weeks apart are recommended for all advanced treatments. All series packages include a Post Peel Kit and an additional 10% off full sized retail at the end of your treatment series for long lasting results! 

Please note: A consultation, intake form and consent form are required for all facial services. Services may not be performed if contraindications are present. Individual results may vary.

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel- $90

(45 mins)

Discover glowing skin with the enzymatic process of organic pumpkin + exfoliation of Glycolic Acid. Revitalize dull, aging skin with this antioxidant power treatment! 

4 sessions- $385.00

6 sessions- $500.00

Pomegranate Refining Peel- $90

(45 mins)

An ideal treatment for hyperpigmentation, oily + acne prone skin to promote cell turnover, brighten complexion and unclog pores. 

4 sessions- $385.00

6 sessions- $500.00

Peel Power Boost- $40

You have the option to power boost any chemical peel for deeper product penetration! A consultation before services is required to ensure skin health before this can be performed. 

Power Peptide Peel- $90

(45 mins)

Encourage cell turnover and stimulate collagen synthesis with this power treatment. Ideal for boosting your skin’s natural repair process, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles while leaving skin with a luxuriously smooth and radiant glow.

4 sessions- $385.00

6 sessions- $500.00

Microdermabrasion- $80

(45 mins)

Does a chemical peel sound a little scary? Maybe microdermabrasion is for you! This treatment is performed by a diamond tipped wand to provide gentle yet effective physical exfoliation of the outer most cells of the epidermis revealing glowing, radiant and soft skin. 

4 sessions- $350.00

6 sessions- $475.00

Lash, Brow & Waxing Services

Please Note: Intake forms and consent forms are required for all lash and brow services

Must be 18 years or older to receive lash and brow services. Individual results may vary

Lash Services

Lash Tint- $15

* Lash Lift- $60

* Lash Lift & Tint- $70

* (Includes scalp massage)


Brows- $20

Cheek- $15

Lip- $15

Chin- $15

Nostrils- $10

Full Face (Cheeks, Lip, Chin & Nostril)- $45

Underarm- $30

Brow Services

Brow Tint- $15

Brow Lamination- $60

Brow Lamination & Tint- $70

(Add waxing- $20) 

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